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I’ve Learned…

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Randomization of Thoughts

$         I’ve learned that it is virtually impossible to sing all parts to a song at the same time and that I may never be able to harmonize with myself. Nevertheless, it will not stop me from still trying, believing that one day I will turn that impossibility into a reality.

$         I’ve learned that it is pointless to try to convince people of something that don’t want to believe. Either they will eventually figure it out, understand or continue on with their perception.  But it’s fun to watch them contemplate.

$         I’ve learned that green lights don’t prolong themselves just because you stop looking, trying to speed through it. Red lights still come about if they aren’t seen. Darn traffic cameras!

$         I’ve learned that I am a high tenor. High tenor is basically a masculine way of saying soprano. I guess that means I am a sopranorist, or sopranist?

$         I’ve learned that friendships happen when you least expect them.

$         I’ve learned the value of patience and the art of obedience.

$         I’ve learned that you can go buck wild backstage, be a little late to your cue, or almost miss your entrance when talking to someone, yet still fall into character when under the lights.

$         I’ve learned that sometimes you want something for others more than you do for yourself.

$         I’ve learned how to put on guyliner…kinda :/

$         I’ve learned that going five months without dairy basically causes you to become lactose intolerant – my stomach hurts!

$         I’ve learned that I can survive off of two hours of sleep when injected with performance adrenaline

$         I’ve learned that just because the lights go black doesn’t mean people can’t see you crawling off stage.

$         I’ve learned that no matter how many times you perform something, those nervous jitters really get the mood right.

$         I’ve learned that I don’t need a mic. Apparently I have a voice like a bullhorn.

$         I’ve learned to never snort powder detergent.

$         I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason, even if you don’t understand why at the time.

$         I’ve learned you can’t do anything about the past. But you can laugh at how ridiculous the things you did were. BEAVER-FREAKING-HILARIOUS!!!

$         I’ve learned that everyone has different ways of showing love, appreciation and affection.

$         I’ve learned that some people never change; therefore, you must sit idly by, point and laugh.

$         I’ve learned you have more in common with others than you may know, you just have to reach out and try to make a connection.

$         I’ve learned not to be sad because it’s over, just simply live in denial as if it is still going on.

$         I’ve learned that there is a movie based off some of my shortcomings. IT’S FREAKING HILARIOUS! (it’s not RENT).

$         I’ve learned the tea rhymes with something else that it make me do constantly.

$         I’ve learned that absence makes the heart grow fond, but stalking people’s status updates means never having to say goodbye.

$         I’ve learned that the last thing I have learned is kind of creepy.

$         I’ve learned to stop.

$         I’ve learned that my real world wardrobe is nothing but stage costumes.

$         I’ve learned that theatre is a crazy world of a thousand changes and complication. I’ve learned I absolutely love it.

$         I’ve learned to love unconditionally, hope immeasurably and dream beyond reason.

$         I’ve learned the best really is saved for last.

Most importantly…

$         …I have learned to be content in whatever situation I am in. ~Philippians 4:11