…even the wind needs to be felt

Posted: March 26, 2010 in Randomization of Thoughts

She digs deep, yelling at the top of her lungs. Defying gravity, her trained body moves to the precise promptings of the beat. She smiles, bigger than life. She lifts, hoisting those around her higher than her own understanding can grasps She encourages. But when she is out of uniform, amongst the reality of her days, she whimpers at the emptiness around her.

Even the cheerleader needs support.

He laughs loud. He looks around the room searching for a prop, an inspiration, attention. He springs to his feet when authority disperses, creating joy in the smallest objects. He ignites the room. He cries inside when he thinks about the emptiness of solitude, no laughs to mask the pain.

Even the class clown needs a backstage arena.

Everything comes to them easily. It’s as if books are engrained in their brains.

Even genius’ need to be taught.

She stands in front of the sheep she has been entrusted to lead. She presses, fasts, prays and magnifies.

Even the preacher needs a shepherd, a word.

The California Redwood Tree grows to be 300 feet tall. Its roots extend 900 feet out intertwining itself with his neighboring brothers and sisters. Over the years their roots become so tangled with the others that it makes it impossible to fall. It must weather many storms as the years pass by, receiving constant beatings from nature, beast, man. It knows that…

Even the California Redwood needs a helping hand to remain a giant of sorts.

Even silence needs to be interrupted with a word, a spark, a presence.

Even a laugh needs to be heard.

A smile needs to be seen.

A face in the crowd, no matter how deeply buried, needs to be recognized.

An old friend needs to know the relationship still feels new.

Courage could not stand alone, could do nothing, without first being hugged by “en” and “ment”.

People may pass through your life. Some are gentle lingering breezes, some blow through like a gust of wind, lending that temporary cooling that you need. Giving you a little hope, life and relief for seconds, minutes, or hours at a time. Sometimes they may be the soothing touch in the harsh suns of the day. Still, no matter how grandiose or modest their air current may be, they desire to be noticed. You never know when they may pass by again or if at all. No matter how insignificant it may seem…

…even the wind needs to be felt.

  1. Rob says:

    Unbelievably awesome !!

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