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April 8, 2010

I watched my mother push a lawnmower side to side and up and down the gradual incline that is my backyard. I grabbed my camera. I couldn’t resist recording her first trek on unchartered territory – uncharted to her.

Her yellow hat coupled by her brown sunglasses sent amusement through my insides. Watching her push the mower, at times the handle bars slightly above her head, was a revelation.

Many may ask, “Why didn’t you help her?”

To which I will reply, “That wasn’t my moment.”

That same morning, as I watched her rake and gather the leaves I prayed to God that she would stop. I asked Him to prolong her desire so that I could help later that day when my body wasn’t overcome with overnight working exhaustion.

When I awoke to help, knowing my request was heard, I peered into the backyard to see it cleared out and my mind looping:

Why didn’t she wait for me? I hope her back is okay.

I fell upon my mother in the kitchen, to which she stated:

“You never know what you can do until you try. Before I started my back was hurting, but once I got to it, everything fell into place. I didn’t know I could do it. I’m glad I did.”

Later that day she tackled mowing the lawn. I allowed her to do it, because it was her moment. Sometimes help isn’t help, especially if you are hindering what someone can ultimately learn on their own – sometimes.

I smiled as I watched her finish the back yard and soon the entire lawn. I whispered to myself:

“Thank God for some unanswered prayers.”

April 9, 2010

I awoke in the early afternoon with a list of to-do items plaguing my peace.

With my thoughts of things to accomplish in a day overwhelming me, I took to the trail to run away my worries.

Halfway through my mile, the wind pushing against me, telling my body to give up, I thought I saw a familiar face.

A few features resembled an old companion, but I knew his whereabouts were in other parts of the country. I trekked on and finished in a time far from what I expected. I chuckled, knowing I had pushed against the wind and finished nonetheless victorious. I saw the companions face again.

I knew it was him.

As the winds blows by me, my body in a sweat induced exercise panic, I rarely fall upon a familiar face. No one waves, speaks or smiles when I run. Life seems to be far too hurried. Even the occasional recognition goes unnoticed as people quickly try to end their torture.

Often times I play games with the unknown runners. I use them as markers to run towards. I playfully pace ahead of them, acting as if I am helping them keep stride. I even run behind some, using them as motivation to keep going.

Often times they stop, detour, or speed along as I go about my routine, conjuring the next game to play.

I neared the end of the trail and saw the face again. I decided I would finally wave and say hi – it’s a rare opportunity, for me, on the trail to see faces I have known.

I started a slow wave, and fixed my face into a strangled grin. Just as he approached, speeding on his bike, I yelled out my greetings. He slowed, fixed his voice and yelled back a hearty welcome. I stood surprised:

He is actually glad to see me as well.

Soon, he was peddling and I was jogging alongside him as we spoke of life, learning and the future. The pace picked up and I found myself grasping for breath at times, however, I still talked through the pain.

Reaching beyond the confinements of what high school was, our conversation touched on everything else but the past. I felt refreshed, renewed, to actually have a conversation with an old friend that picked up as if we had never parted ways.

I enjoyed his revelations in life, and my mind twanged as some of his philosophies fell right into place with mine. The growth in his words excited me. He was no longer hung up on the shortcomings of yester-years – the mishaps, mistakes. He only looked towards what lied ahead of him fully believing in what he could achieve.

Helping me believe in what lied ahead of me. His departing words:

“The older I get the more I realize that my life is just beginning. All that stuff before was just a precursor for what is happening now, what I am to do.”

We said our farewells and he continued on his twenty-seven mile goal.

As I walked home I couldn’t help but realize:

He slowed down to keep pace with me. He readjusted his workout and valued my company, never once hinting at his goal to finish, and extending to slow his pace even further to accommodate my ailing body.

After 7.8 miles I allowed him to go on his way, knowing that was my moment.

I quickened my pace, to try to meet him where he was, as he slowed his to meet me at mine. Sometimes a bit of compromise goes further than we can ever imagine. A little time, a kind gesture reaches beyond the confinements of words.

To encounter someone every day and know they are still excited to see you does something to the soul. To have been friends with someone briefly and encounter them years later and be greeted with that same excitement – priceless.

Quality over Quantity.

I didn’t know I needed that. But it was my moment.

I guess Cheers had it right:

Sometimes you wanna go where somebody [respects] your name/And they’re ALWAYS glad you came…

I bought a beautiful Christmas Tree this past Christmas Season. It was round, full and everything the spirit of merriment called for. However, one if it’s branches prevented it from reaching the bottom of the stand.

I cut it.

I couldn’t stand seeing the branch go to waste. In a childlike hope, I thrust the branch into the moist December ground.

On April 8th as my mom was clearing the backyard, seeing the branch still in the ground, I stated:

“I wonder if the branch even took root.”

To which she replied:

“YES! I tried all type of ways to rip that out of the ground.”

My heart ignited. I knew I needed to prop it up to continue its growth. My mother found me a stick and now the stick stands next to the leaning branch waiting for a rope to join them together.

It was its moment.

New life sprang out of foreseeable death. It was its time, its moment to renew.

– Someone called me a name, I laughed harder than I had ever before.

– The fan in my window blew the rain into my face as I slept. It tickled.

– I received the nicest rejection letter I have ever read. I smiled in my heart. I contemplated sending them a thank you letter. (It really was that nice!)

These are the moments, these are the times.

These are our seasons.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

A Time for Everything

1to EVERYTHING there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven


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